Art Sale/Auction

Rald institute sells art to help fund general operations. Some of the art work has been donated by artists, and some has been purchased or donated by Board members.
In rare cases, artists loan work on consignment and agree to share
proceeds of the sale with Rald Institute.
Rald Institute Invites Your Participation in its 2017 Art Auction/ Sale
through June 30, 2017
To purchase or for  information, call 888.752.8176 or 773.356. 7322
or email: 
             In your email, include the ITEM No. of the piece you wish to purchase and
your name and contact information.
If you wish to view the entire image;
Place your cursor over the image.  Right mouse click. Select 'View Image'. 
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We thank all of the artists and educators who have helped us and given their time and work. We
acknowledge the sacrifices all of our volunteers have made to help children and young adults  affected by adverse environmental conditions. We thank the public in advance for participating in our fundraising activities and sharing our love for creating new possibilities in health and education.
Rald Institute is a Section 501(c)3 non profit; the amount of the purchase price in excess of the fair market value will qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.